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Isla Restaurant
Takeout/Delivery Menu
For takeout or delivery. We deliver within 4 miles with a $20 minimum, a $2 delivery charge & a $1.99 online convenience charge. To place an order click the link below
Available: 11am to 9pm, 7 days
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Todos los desayunos incluyen: Frijoles, Queso, Crema agria, PlŠtanos y 2 Tortillas. All breakfast plates include: Beans, Cheese, Sour Cream, Plantains and 2 Tortillas.
Desayuno Chapin
Huevos revueltos, cebolla y tomate. Scrambled eggs with onion & tomato con carne/ white meat. Steak, chicken breast (adobada pork, chorizo).
Huevos con Chorizo
Eggs with sausage.
Desayuno Ranchero
Huevos fritos con yema blanda, cubiertoscon salsa y jalapenŮos. Servidos con tortillas duras, sunny side up eggs, tomato sauce & jalapenos on hard tortillas. Agrega carne a cualquier desayuno por solo $3.00- tus opciones son: polllo, bistec, adobada (cerdo) add meat to any breakfast for just $3.00- choose from: chicken, steak, adobada (pork meat).

Choros A La Chalaca
Choritos servidos en concha con una mezcla de tomates, cebollas y salsa de limon. Mussels served on half shells filled with diced tomatoes, onions, and lime dressing.
Picada Isla
Pollo, carne adobada, bistec, chicharron y chorizo. Chicken, marinated beef, steak, pork rind & chorizo.
Calamares Fritos
Servidos con papas fritas. Fried calamari served with French fries.
Mariscos fritos mixtos (camarones, choritos, conchas, calamares, cangrejo y pescado) servida con yuca frita y salsa criolla. Peruvian deep fried seafood platter (shrimp, mussels, clams, squid, crab, & fish fillet) served with fried cassava & salsa criolla. Served family size for add'l charge.
Nachos con pollo o bistec servidos con queso derretido, cebolla, frijoles, aguacate y salsa. Nachos with chicken or steak served with melted cheese, onions, beans, avocado, sour cream & salsa.
Pupusas (Each)
Tortillas gruesas de maiz rellenas con la opciin de: cerdo, frijoles, queso, flor de loroco y queso o cerdo y queso. Homemade tortillas filled with your choice of: pork, bean, cheese, loroco flower & cheese or pork & cheese.
Tacos (3)
Tortillas Mexicanas con cebolla, queso, cilantro y aguacate: sus opciones por taco: res, pollo, lengua, cerdo o cerdo al pastor. Soft corn tortillas topped with onions, cilantro, avocado, & your choice of filing per taco: chicken, beef, tongue, pork, al pastor-style pork.
Chicharron De Cerdo
Fried pork skins.
Tortilla con vegetales, crema agria, salsa, queso y la opcion de: pollo, res, camaron or sin carne. Flour tortilla with vegetables, sour cream, salsa, cheese, & your choice of filling: chicken, beef, shrimp or no meat.
Buffalo Wings
Alitas de pollo en salsa bufalo con salsa de queso azul y apio. Served with blue cheese dipping sauce & celery.
Platano Frito
Fried Yellow Plantain.
Fried Green Plantains.
Servido con chips de tortilla. Served with tortilla chips.
Pacayas Forradas
Servidas con arroz y frijoles. Guatemalan-style date palms served with rice and beans.
Tortillitas de maiz con carne, repollo adobado, salsa y queso rallado. Small tortillas, topped with meat, marinated cabbage, salsa, & grated cheese.

Sopa De Res
Servida con arroz, aguacate, limon y tortillas. Beef soup served with rice, avocado, lemon, & tortillas.
Sopa De Gallina
Servida con arroz, limon y tortillas. Hen soup, served with rice, lemon & tortillas.
Sopa de Pata de Mondongo
Con tripa de res, servido con arroz, aguacate, limon y tortillas. Cow foot soup with tripe, served with rice, avocado, lemon & tortillas.
Sopa de mariscos mixtos. Peruvian-style seafood & fish soup.
Mariscada Molcajete
Mariscos mixtos servido en molcajete. Guatemalan-style mixed seafood soup served with tortillas in a molcajete stone bowl.
Sopa de Mariscos
Seafood soup.

Ensalada De Casa
Lechuga, tomate y cebolla. House Salad with lettuce, tomato & onion.
Ensalada De Pollo A La Parrilla
Grilled Chicken Salad.
Ensalada De Bistec
Steak Salad.
Ensalada De Camaron
Shrimp Salad.

Incluyen cebollas, papas fritas, tomates, cilantro, arroz blanco y salsa de soya china. Includes stir fried onions, fries, tomatoes, cilantro, white rice & soy sauce.
Pollo Saltado
Chicken Stir Fry.
Lomo Saltado
Steak Stir Fry.
Lomo Montado
Bistec cubierto con 2 huevos fritos con yema blanda. Steak stir fry with 2 eggs sunny side up on top.
Saltado Mixto
Steak & Chicken Stir Fry.
Pescado Saltado
Fish Stir Fry.
Saltado De Camarones
Shrimp Stir Fry.
Saltado de Mariscos
Mixed Seafood Stir Fry.

Chaufas/Fried Rice
Arroz salteado con huevos revueltos, cebollas verdes y salsa de soya. Stir fried rice w/ scrambled eggs, green onions & soy sauce.
Pollo Chaufas
Chicken stir fried rice.
Carne Chaufas
Steak stir fried rice.
Pescado Chaufas
Fish stir fried rice.
Camaron Chaufas
Shrimp fried rice.
Mariscos Chaufas
Mixed seafood fried rice.
Vegetales Chaufas
Vegetable fried rice.

Tallarines Saltados
Stir-Fried Spaghetti. Con cebollas, tomates, pimientos, cilantro y salsa de soya. Stir fried spaghetti w/ onions, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, & soy sauce.
Pollo Tallarines Saltado
Chicken Stir Fried Spaghetti.
Carne Tallarines Saltados
Steak Stir Fried Spaghetti.
Pescado Tallarines Saltados
Fish Stir Fried Spaghetti.
Camaron Tallarines Saltados
Shrimp Stir Fried Spaghetti.
Mariscos Tallarines Saltados
Mixed Seafood Stir Fried Rice.

Pollo Frito
Servido con arroz, frijoles y ensalada. Fried chicken served with rice, beans, & salad.
Pollo Al Limon
Pollo con pure de papa y vegetales. Lemon chicken with mashed potatoes & vegetables.
Pechuga A La Plancha
Servido con arroz, frijoles y ensalada. Grilled chicken breast served with rice, beans & salad.
Milanesa de Pollo
Pechuga de pollo empanizada servido con arroz, frijoles y ensalada. Breaded chicken breast served with rice & salad.
Pollo a la Crema
Servido con arroz y ensalada. Chicken in a creamy sauce served with rice & salad.
Pollo Asado
Servido con arroz y ensalada. Roasted chicken served with rice & salad. Half chicken or whole chicken for add'l charge.

Served on soft tortilla w/beans, lettuce, onions, tomato, avocado, sour cream, homemade sauce, choice of meat & side of rice
Carne Asada Burrito
Grilled Steak.
Pechuga de Pollo Burrito
Grilled Chicken.
Vegetariano Burrito
Vegetarian; contains no meat.

Seafood Cocktail
Ceviche Guatemalteco
Camaron marinado en tomate, cebolla y limon. Servido con aguacate y galletas saladas. Shrimp marinated in tomato, onion, & lemon juice. Served with avocado & saltine crackers.
Ceviche Peruano
Mariscos en un jugo de limon con mote, maiz tostado, batata, lechuga, yuca, cebolla, y cilantro. Opciones disponibles : mariscos mixtos, pescado o camaron. Marinated seafood in lime juice served with hominy corn, toasted corn nuts, sweet potato, lettuce, cassava, onions, & cilantro. Choose from: mixed seafood, fish or shrimp.

Filete De Pescado
Servido con arroz blanco y ensalada. Fried fish fillet served with white rice & salad.
Mojarra Frita
Servida con arroz blanco y ensalada. Fried whole tilapia fish served with rice & salad.
Pescado A Lo Macho
Filete de pescado salteado cubierto con salsa cremosa, combinacion de mariscos, cilantro y cebollines. Servido con yuca y arroz blanco. Fried fish fillet sauteed & topped with a creamy sauce, mixed seafood, cilantro, & scallions. Served with cassava & white rice.
Pescado Sudado
Servido con yuca y arroz blanco. Steamed fish fillet with onion, tomato, spices, scallions, & topped with cilantro. Served with cassava & white rice.
Pescado en Salsa de Camarones
Servido con yuca y arroz blanco. Fried fish fillet sauteed with our freshly made cilantro, scallion, & shrimp sauce. Served with cassava & white rice.
Camarones al Ajillo
Servido con yuca y arroz blanco. Breaded fried shrimp in fresh garlic sauce. Served with cassava & white rice.
Camarones Empanizados
Servido con arroz blanco y ensalada. Breaded fried shrimp served with rice & salad.
Paella De Mariscos
Servida con arroz amarillo con la opcion de mariscos mixtos o unicamente de camarones. Peruvian-style paella served with yellow rice with your choice of mixed seafood or shrimp.
Grilled Salmon
Servido con arroz, pure de papa, y vegetales. Served with rice, mashed potatoes, & vegetables.

Muralles Pasta
Camarones, pollo, pasta, esparragos, pimientos, y hongos. Servidos en un a y vegetales servida en deliciosa salsa blanca. Shrimp, chicken, pasta & vegetables covered with a creamy white sauce.
Fajita Especial
Camaron, pollo, bistec, frijoles, ensalada y guacamole servido con arroz. Shrimp, chicken, steak, beans, salad & guacamole served with rice.
Piedra el Rancho
Mariscos con salsa de aguacate y un jalapeno. Servido en molcajete. Mixed seafood, avocado sauce & jalapeno. Served on a molcajete.
Piedra Patron
Carne adobada, chicharron, pollo, salsa, chorizo y jalapeno. Servido en molcajete. Marinated meat, fried pork skin, chicken, salsa dipping sauce, chorizo, & jalapeno. Served in a molcajete.
New York Steak
Arroz, vegetales y tres camarones grandes. Rice, vegetables & three big shrimps.
Filete en Salsa Blanca
Vegetales, camarones y arroz en salsa blanca. Fish fillet with vegetables, shrimp, & rice with white sauce
Cowboy Bistec
Carne adobada, chicharron, chorizo, pollo, platano y jalapeno asado. Servido con arroz, frijoles, guacamole y salsa marinara. Grilled steak, pork skin, chorizo, chicken, grilled plantain & jalapeno. Served with rice, beans, guacamole & marinara sauce.
Precio varia dependiendo de la temporada. Lobster; price will vary with season. Acompanada de pure de papa y vegetales. Served with mashed potatoes & vegetables.
Bistec, pasta con camarones, jalapeno, almejas y vegetales. Steak, pasta with shrimp, jalapeno, clams & vegetables.
Fajita Mixta
Pollo, bistec, frijoles, ensalada y guacamole. Servido con arroz. Chicken, steak, beans, salad & guacamole. Served with rice.

Platano Frito
Fried plantains.
Fried Green Plantains.
Yuca Frita
Fried Cassava.
Papas Fritas
French Fries.

Spicy Peruvian Sauce
3 Little Cups Aji $1
Small Cup Aji (6 oz.) $3
Medium Cup Aji (16 oz.) $5
Large Cup Aji (32 oz.) $10

Menu de Ninos
Kids Menu
Ninos Pechuguitas de Pollo
Servidas con papas fritas. Kids chicken tenders served with French fries.
Ninos Alitas de Pollo
Servidas con papas fritas. Kids chicken wings served with French fries.
Ninos Salchipapas
Kids fried hot dog bites served with French fries.
Ninos Hamburguesa
Servida con papas fritas. Kids burger served with French fries.

A vanilla-infused Spanish custard with a sweet caramel top layer.
Tarta de Queso

Fresa Licuados
Strawberry Shake.
Banano Licuados
Banana Shake.
Pina Licuados
Pineapple Shake.
Mango Licuados
Mango Shake.
Papaya Licuados
Papaya Shake.
Melon Licuados
Cantaloupe Shake.

Rice Drink.
Passion Fruit Drink.
Blackberry Drink.
De Frutal (can)
Choose from our selection.
Atol de Elote
Corn Atole.
Atol de Platano
Plantain Atole.
Canned Soda
Choose from our selection.
Choose from our selection.
Spring Water Bottle $2
Hot Chocolate.
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